The Story of the Silmarillion


  • Jim Allan


The Silmarillion, Silm, LotR, Lord of the Rings, Valar, Melchar, Ents, Morgoth, Orcs, ELves, Dark Power, History, Lore


Since the creation of the world of the Lord of the Rings, Tolkien has hinted at a larger history of the world that predates all written record. To this end, author Jim Allan has pieced together what he believes to be a tentative summary of the Silmarillion. He goes over the creation of the world, with the god like being named Eru, the devil like creature named Melchar, and the angelic like Valar. He also talks on the lineage of the elves, born from the Valar. The Ents, too, came from the power of the Valar. There was a villain of this era, as well, named Morgoth – the Dark Power of the North. His creations included the Orcs (as a mockery of Elves) and Trolls (who were a mockery of Ents). Additionally, Morgoth made the Balrogs. The further history between the Valar and Dark Power are yet to be seen, but will be extrapolated on further in the next edition of the Mallorn.




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Allan, J. “The Story of the Silmarillion”. Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society, no. 7, Jan. 1973, pp. 15-21,