Social, Military, and Political Aspects of Rohan


  • Peter Burley


Rohan, Rohirrim, Lord of the Rings, LotR, politics, military, Gondor, combat, feudalism, aristocracy, Riddermark


Politically, the Rohirrim people are governed by a rudimentary feudalism. A military aristocracy ruled the land of Rohan, from which the ranks of Marshall, officers of State, and leaders in the army were assigned. The Riddermark was split into three Marches, the most powerful of them being the Eastmarch. In these marches, it is the Marshalls duty to protect the territory from invasion – be that wandering bands of orcs or otherwise. If local defense faltered, the king’s army would be called to ride out and dispatch the threat. If any threat became too powerful for Rohan, they would retreat to the White Mountains while they waited for Gondor’s Aid. Rohan was an underdeveloped society, as they lived within Gondor’s territory and Gondor wished to keep them at bay. Militarily, the Rohirrim were masters of mounted offensive combat and defensive on foot combat. Every man in the army had to supply their own horse, but was outfitted with weapons and armor by the King or Marshall. They would use bows first, to soften enemies, then move in with spear and shield, and then sword and shield. They attacked in waves, mastering movement so the mounted soldiers would not run into one another.




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